Large format area imagers are far superior to line imagers used by telecines and real-time scanners.

Area Imager


Line Imager

(The Competition)

ScanStation Director 10K
MotionContinuousFrame by frameContinuous
Warped film toleranceGoodVery goodPoor
Triple-flash scanning for print filmNoYesNo
Light integration for dirt/scratch

Difuse light from the integrating sphere reduces the appearance of scratches in the film base, and scratches on the emulsion side (that do not damage the dye layers) without softening, blurring, or altering the image.

On-axis light passes through undamaged film and reaches lens
On-axis light passes through scratch which deflects it away from the lens
Off-axis light from diffuse source passes through scratch but nevertheless reaches lens

Very good

Diffuse light source

Diffuse Light Example
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Collimated light source

Collimated Light Example
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Splice toleranceVery goodPoor
Banding due to dirt in apertureNo problemBig problem
Gentle sound scan for old filmYesNo (24 fps only)