The BLL Generator installs as a printer driver on your PC or Macintosh and allows you to print from applications to a BLL file.  A BLL (Binary Lasergraphics Language) file is a cross-platform, application-independent file format that can be imaged with Lasergraphics' WinRascol or MacRascol film recorder software on a computer connected to a Lasergraphics film recorder.

Imaging from a BLL file frees you from the constraints of having matching graphic editing software environments on both the imaging and editing workstations.  No more MISSING FONT or CLIP ART errors.  It avoids cross-platform incompatibility issues.  The BLL Generator is commonly used by service bureaus, universities, and corporations which have many users sharing one Lasergraphics film recorder.

BLL Generator for Windows or Macintosh is included with WinRascol and MacRascol and is also available as a free download (see links below).

BLL Generator 5.1 for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP - wbll51.exe

BLL Generator 5.2.3 for Mac OS 8.x/9.x - mbll523.bin

In order to create BLL files on a Macintosh and image them from a Windows-based PC, you must own a copy of both WinRascol AND MacRascol.  Similarly, to create BLL files on a Windows-based PC and image them from a Macintosh, you must own a copy of both MacRascol AND WinRascol.
BLL File/Software Compatibility Matrix
BLL File Generated FromWinRascol VersionMacRascol Version
Patch 4
Patch 3
BLL Generator 5.x for Windows      
BLL Generator 4.x for Windows    
WinRascol 4.0 BLL 
WinRascol 3.15 Patch 4 BLL 
WinRascol 3.15 Patch 3 BLL
BLL Generator 5.x for Macintosh    
MacRascol 4.0 BLL