Lasergraphics no longer manufactures photo and slide film recording systems.
As a courtesy, the following FAQs and downloads are made available here.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Downloads
    • Lasergraphics Film Recorder Series User Guide - lfruserguide.pdf
    • BLL Generator Cross-platform printer driver for generating BLL files.
    • WinRascol & MacRascol Photo and Slide Film Recording System Software
    • FullCircle Calibration
      Lasergraphics' FullCircle Calibration system allows imaging professionals and photo processing labs to produce perfectly matched prints from scans, and eliminates the time-consuming and costly trial-and-error process usually required to match output from a digital film recorder with the quality of the original scan.
    • Film Calibration Tables
    • These files contain all the Lasergraphics Film Calibration tables (including EZ Print) except the 35mmU LFCs.  Includes LFC installer. These files contain the set of 35mm reduced size Lasergraphics Film Calibration tables for fitting the image within the viewable area of a mounted slide.  The standard LFCs expose the image slightly beyond the viewable image area to avoid white borders when the slide is projected.  Includes LFC installer.
    • Test Files
    • These files contain a suite of LL (Lasergraphics Language) files suitable for testing any Lasergraphics film recorder.  LL files contain vector and color information in Lasergraphics proprietary format.  Please refer to the WinRascol or MacRascol documentation for more information.