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ScanStation - Motion Picture Film Scanning System
Telecine is Dead!Telecine is Dead!
Moore's law in computing performance and storage capacity has made the traditional telecine model obsolete.

Ultimate Speed and Resolution

The highest resolution and fastest film scanner on the market!

Unlike traditional telecines and real-time scanners, the ScanStation allows minimally-trained operators to convert film directly into digital form at unmatched resolution and speeds of up to 60 fps.  Simultaneous image scanning and soundtrack reading with output to multiple formats including UHD/HD ProRes, DPX, or TIFF — all in a single pass!

  • NEW! 5K output resolution (optional package)
  • Up to 60 fps simultaneous image scanning and soundtrack reading directly to UHD/HD ProRes, DPX or TIFF
  • 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, Super 8mm
  • 28mm, 17.5mm, 9.5mm (optional package)
  • 2D optical pin-registration (no edge-guiding)
  • Automatically adjusts for shrunken film and soundtrack aperture position
  • Soundtrack readers featuring:
    • Simultaneous image scanning and soundtrack reading
    • Synchronized image and audio output direct to ProRes (no post-processing and no third-party tools required)
    • Read soundtrack at any speed (no requirement to read in real-time)
    • Optical: variable area or density soundtracks
    • Magnetic: commag or sepmag rolls (no need for separate magnetic soundtrack reading equipment)
  • Diffuse light source for optical scratch and fingerprint reduction
  • Built-in splicing table with two light boxes
    Splice broken film without removing it from scanner
  • Safe handling for damaged, warped, and spliced film (no pre-inspection required)
  • Built-in color and dye-fade correction
  • Cool LED light source protects film from heat damage
  • Power requirements similar to a standard PC workstation
  • Operates in normal office environment (no special cooling required)
  • Automatic Failed Splice Recovery Patent Pending
    After operator repairs splice, ScanStation automatically finds proper frame and continues.  Video and sound remain synchronized.
  • Meticulously calibrated, aligned and tested at the factory.
  • Full one year warranty (parts and labor)
  • Extended warranty available
  • Host computer pre-configured and ready to use with Microsoft Windows and Lasergraphics Motion Picture Film Scanning System software.