Specifically developed for Lasergraphics photo and slide film recording systems, WinRascol for Windows and MacRascol for Macintosh help you create, manage, and output high quality 35mm slides for outstanding presentations, and ultra-high resolution (up to 16,000 pixels wide) chromes and negatives for professional photo retouching, photo business cards, and enlargements.

WinRascol 5.1 for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
MacRascol 5.2.3 for Mac OS 8.x/9.x

WinRascol Feature/Version Matrix
Windows XP support   
Windows 2000 support 
Improved Windows 2000 support   
Windows NT 4 support (SP5 and up)  
Improved interoperability with PowerPoint   
Simplified default settings   
TARGA, TIFF, BLL, and PSD file format support
PCX, BMP, and JPEG file format support 
SGI and PNG file format support   
Enhanced BLL file format support with higher compression 
Updated ATM font support for Windows 9x
(Circumvents Adobe's ATM 3.x/4.x 24-bit color problems)
ATM font support for Windows 9x 
Raster image auto-rotation support 
Low resolution raster file interpolation support 
WinRascol32 - Integrated device and queue manager
WinRascol32 autostarts when image placed in queue 
On-the-fly queue entry settings
Default printer can be assigned within New Queue/Printer window  
Enhanced queue deletion security with Windows NT & 2000  
Add image files directly to queue
Independent BLL Generator software included 
BLL Generator serial key not required 
BLL previewer - review images prior to imaging
BLLView - Enhanced BLL previewer - Faster, smaller and better zooming 
BLL previewer can be operated while imaging 
BLL previewer can be operated without attached film recorder 

WinRascol 4.2 for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000
This release is a free upgrade from WinRascol 4.x to WinRascol 4.2 and requires the diskettes and serial key received with WinRascol 4.x.  Files generated with WinRascol 4.2 are compatible only with WinRascol 4.1 and up and MacRascol 5.

Supported Film Types
Film Type35mm120/2204x5
Fuji Digital Output  
Fuji NPS 160
Fuji NS 160
Fuji Provia 100
Fuji Provia 100F
Fuji Sensia II 100  
Kodak E100S 
Kodak Electronic Output
Kodak Elite Chrome 100  
Kodak Elite II 100  
Kodak EPN 100  
Kodak Portra NC 160 
Kodak Portra VC 160  
Kodak Tmax 100 
Kodak Vericolor III
Kodak VX 100  
Konica 160 PS  
Konica Sinra 100  
Konica VX 100  

Film recorders with serial numbers 37000 - 41999 are not supported in MacRascol 5 and WinRascol 4.1 and up.

Mac OS X and up is not supported.

*Free trial version is fully functional.   A banner appears across each slide or negative.

MacRascol Feature/Version Matrix
Significantly faster imaging time  
Improved memory utilization  
User selectable progress bar themes  
Improved Mac OS error handling  
Improved font imaging  
Improved shared folder compatibility with WinRascol  
High compression BLL file support
48-bit/pixel TIFF and PSD format file compatibility (downsampled to 24-bit/pixel) 
Improved compressed TIFF file imaging  
PICT file format support 
Automatic PICT file format orientation support 
Open Enclosing Folder command in Finder for quickly locating queue items  
Aliased queue items  
Command-click on queue window title for folder pop-up menu  
Individual film recorder default preferences  
Drag & Drop support 
BLL Generator included
MacRascol Server included
Improved PowerPoint 98 support
Multiple SCSI bus support
Overlapped SCSI output for faster imaging
Full TrueType font rasterization in 90/180/270 degree PICT image rotations
Improved film tables
EZ Print LFC file support